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Company Profile

Kara Power Tools Limited was formed in early 2007, after our parent company Kara Traders Ltd and it’s directors were provided exclusive distributorship for Hitachi Power Tools (now known as Hikoki) in Tanzania.

As leading suppliers of hardware and building material, backed by a strong 45-year reputation in the Tanzanian market, our parent company serves some of the largest companies in industries that span from mining and roadworks to construction and industrial manufacturing in the country.

Our directors have extensive market knowledge and a deep industry expertise that attracts our large clients to choose us as value partners. Backed by the highest quality power tools in the Tanzanian market, we have worked with some of the largest companies in the country. From port projects to cement factories, our products have been supplied to all regions and large worksites within the country.

We offer an unmatched level of service to our clients that goes beyond supplying material to advising them about the best products to use for their suited purpose as well as the best-in-class equipment that they can find in the domestic market.


We Believe: "No Request Is Too Big To Handle Or Two Small To Forget..." - Maganlal B. Kara, (Founder)

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Company History


After the strong economic growth of the early 2000’s, the Tanzanian market witnessed an expansion that saw an exponential growth in the domestic construction, mining and roadworks industries. As large-scale domestic and foreign players emerged, an increased demand for equipment, material and tools attracted strong competitors into the domes

The emergence of large-scale players backed by the governments appetite for infrastructure projects attracted domestic small-scale businesses to flood the market with low-cost and cheaper machinery/power tools. While this segment found strong growth in sales from small scale traders and the informal sector, medium to large scale companies in the country found it extremely hard to source high quality and reliable equipment and some companies even resorted to import their own machinery to use in their projects.

As early as 2005, our directors began observing pain points from speaking to our long-term clients and witnessing anoticeable gap in the market of high quality and precision tools.

After being approached by the Hitachi team, our parent company decided to form a separate entity to serve as exclusive distributors of the high-quality tools and service our clients in the Tanzanian market.

Currently, more than 70% of construction material in Tanzania is imported from outside the country with more than half of this supply coming from low-cost and cheaper Chinese producers. Our aim is to educate our clients of the differences between the high-quality tools we supply and the other inferior quality goods available in the market today.

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Quality Policy

As a leading power tools distributor in Tanzania, we are committed to providing our clients an unmatched level of satisfaction in service. Aside from the high-quality power tools we supply, we take great pride in providing any customer with the right guidance of tools to use for their intended purpose even if it doesn’t lead to the purchase of any of our tools. As a company, we are ethically driven and customer centric. We inspect all of our machinery before goods are dispatched for delivery and ensure they perform at internationally adhered and approved standards.

As a company we are:

  • Extremely quality-focused
  • A highly experienced management team
  • A streamlined and systematic organization

Our Values

QUALITY is to take continuous action to build the quality of our success and our products

INTEGRITY is to follow honest and transparent business principles in all that we do.

COMMITMENT is to do what we say we are going to do.

ACCOUNTABILITY is to be leaders who take responsibility and ownership for what we do.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT is to seek new ways to improve our processes and level of service